Din guide til cykelreparationer

Valg af cykelværktøj

Se en beskrivelse af det vigtigste cykelværktøj i forhold til at foretage de mest almindelige reparationer. Du kan altid begynde med at købe enkelte stykker

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rustent stelnummer på hvid cykel


In this guide, I have collected everything you need to know about frame numbers. You get help to find the frame number and links to

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Bicycle repair

The whole mission behind the cykeltutor.dk website is for you to learn how to make your own bike and maybe even build your own bike workshop.

It should be both easy, fun and a good experience to do bicycle repairs.

Danish bicycle dealers

I am a big supporter of the Danish bicycle dealers and if a repair becomes too difficult, visit your local bicycle workshop. It can be when the complicated things need to be done, such as changing a crankcase that is stuck very well, changing spokes or setting up wheels, servicing the front fork or disc brakes.

It can also often make sense to buy your new bike from a local shop, as you have a warranty and thus a “free” bike workshop.

Electric bikes

The popular electric bikes are a bit more complicated than regular bikes and it can again be a good idea to buy from your local bike workshop, where you have a guarantee and they are used to working with electric bikes.